Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore

X-Ray image of 2 wisdom tooth causing problems to patient's dental well-being.
Lady experiencing pain and discomfort in her lower left jaw due to wisdom tooth.
X-Ray image of 2 wisdom tooth causing problems to patient's dental well-being.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure in Singapore, where many individuals undergo this procedure every year. The operation typically involves the removal of one or more of the four third molars found at the back of the mouth, known as wisdom teeth.

While some people never experience any issues with their wisdom teeth, others develop problems like wisdom tooth infection or an impacted wisdom tooth, which may require extraction or surgery. Symptoms may range from discomfort and pain, to more serious problems such as infections, cysts, and damage to neighboring teeth.

If you have a concern about your wisdom tooth, please talk to a dentist for professional medical advice.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Singapore

Treatment Price*
Consultation $20 to $60
Wisdom Tooth Extraction $150 to $250
Wisdom Tooth Surgery $650 to $1250 (MediSave claimable)

*All prices are NETT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom teeth removal itself is not painful due to local or general anesthesia, but post-procedure discomfort can occur, which may vary among individuals.

Wisdom teeth should ideally be extracted when they're impacted, causing discomfort, potential for infection, or harm to other teeth. If you have a concern, please speak to our dentist to understand more.

You may claim MediSave for dental treatments that involve surgery due to medical reasons. Some of these procedures include wisdom tooth surgery and dental implants.

It costs between $150 to $250 for a wisdom tooth extraction, and $650 to $1250 for a wisdom tooth surgery. Wisdom tooth surgery can be paid by MediSave.